Metro Electric’s Data Communications Division is showcasing several telecommunications projects completed for Salesforce, headquartered in San Francisco.

One of the projects is installed within five floors at One Rincon Center and the other is installed within 26 floors at 50 Fremont Street. In both projects, Metro Electric completed extensive cabling infrastructure and also installed fiber backbones.

In addition to cabling infrastructure, Metro Electric built out MDFs and IDFs at both locations, installing IT switches, equipment, and patch cords. Metro Electric also installed wireless access points, computer monitors, and IP phones throughout the spaces, as well as completing the backbone for the CATV systems.


One Rincon

Salesforce003-400x300Metro Electric’s Data Communications Division installed a massive cabling infrastructure at this 225,000-sq.-ft., five-story building, as well as the fiber backbone. Metro Electric wired 700,000 feet of Category 6A 10 gigabyte cable at 1,600 locations within the facility.
In addition to a 900 square foot MDF build out that included cabinets, server racks and cable trays, Metro Electric installed a fiber backbone with 24-strand armored single-mode and 24-strand armored 10 Gig multi-mode from the MDF to each IDF (2 per floor). A complete sound masking system was also installed.

50 Fremont Street

Salesforce004-400x533Metro Electric’s Data Communications Division also built out the cabling infrastructure at the 500,000-sq.-ft., 50 Fremont Street location, encompassing 26 floors.
Metro Electric installed 60,000 feet of category 6A 10 gigabyte cable, with 200 locations per floor. Metro Electric also built out a 700-sq.-ft. MDF and fiber backbone at the 50 Fremont site.
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